How It Works

Through our site for freelancers, the client will be able to publish web project jobs and eventually choose suitable web freelancers. Published freelance jobs  are only related to web projects.

When the client publishes a web job, web freelancers will have the opportunity to apply for it.

Upon the expiration of the freelance job’s active period, the selected candidates will receive the client's contact information. Using this information the freelancers will be invited for a dialogue (similar to an first interview). The client must fill in their contact information in Web Freelance, before they can publish their first job.

The web project freelance jobs that can be published are divided in four main categories:

Web Development

Web Design

Content Writing

Digital Marketing (Coming soon)

Each category has multiple forms with many options to fill in. The goal is the creation of a mini-technical freelance job description for various types of web projects.

Each client can create their own web project freelance job through one of these forms. By using this approach, a client can easily provide the main details of their web project.

Through these freelance jobs, the freelancer will become familiar with the technical requirements and parameters of every web project.

This will eliminate many possible preliminary questions concerning the implementation of the web project freelance job.

The web freelancer can then decide if they should apply for the freelance job or not.


The platform does not guarantee that the clients will find the best freelancers for their web projects or that these freelance jobs will be completed at the desired quality level within the set deadline and following all the arrangements made.

You should also keep in mind that the platform can not guarantee that  the client will fully pay the freelancer on time.

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