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Every web freelancer is required to present their experience.

You must present the area you are best at to your future client. Being an expert at what you do is higly-prefered.

Announce the type of projects you are looking for, so you can more easily find projects that fit your abilities and are engaging for you.

You only need to present skills and experience that is relevant to the type work you are looking for.

As you excel at your work and accumulate more experience and complete projects, you do not need to directly update your portfolio with the completed projects, and announcement to any of the websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Behance linked with your web freelance account. You are also encouraged to link any personal sites.

Freelance Skills

Present your technical skills and experience, organize them in the following categories:

  • Web Development;
  • Web Design;
  • Web Content Writing;
  • Web Digital Marketing;


Proof of you experience, shown in your social media accounts shouldn't be undersetimated. Your social markers for trustworthiness re the most importaint part of your portfolio. It is ideal that there are multiple forms of recomendations-in writen, video format, and different referrals.

Any updates to your social media accounts, will be easily accesable to your future clients.They will be able to easily access your media accounts via Web Freelance platform.

Build your portfolio and show your skills to the world.

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