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It is better to be great in just a few skills than to understand a little of a lot of skills

For the success of web projects - website, store, web platform, mobile application and others, not only their quality but also their appearance also plays an important role. After their production, they should almost always be presented and promoted to the desired consumer base.

To achieve all of the above, different web freelance skills must be taken into consideration. They are mainly divided into:

  • web development;
  • web design;
  • digital marketing;
  • web content creation.

There are dozens of areas included in each of these web freelance skills.

Acquiring knowledge and competence for all skills at once, requires tremendous effort, which is almost impossible for the average web freelancer.

Therefore, each web project is divided into smaller web-based jobs, corresponding to the main categories. Those jobs should be assigned to a specific freelancer. A freelance expert who has the necessary knowledge and competence for a particular web project job.

The Web Freelance platform uses the main categories, explained above. They involve the creation of many small web project jobs.

Each client can create an unlimited number of small web-based jobs that are part of his overall web project.

Thus, they have a high probability of finding different qualified freelancers and eventually get the best performance for their project.

On the other hand, web freelancers will not commit to working on a whole project that they cannot complete. They will work on web project jobs that are exactly in their field of competence. Thus, the client will remain satisfied, because he will eventually receive quality performance.

Another advantage, is that since the freelancer will work routinely on web project jobs in which he is skilled and competent, the service price may be lower and the job's completion may be faster.

Every web freelancer should specialize in one or two different areas. The concept of "deep learning" is very relative to this case. When a freelancer makes an effort in one area, the result is much better than if we have a person who understands a little bit of everything.

Different projects such as web programming, web design, writing web articles and web promoting should not be assigned to a single web freelancer. In this case, it's almost certain that some of the work will not be performed competently.

The web industry is an industry that is changing every hour. It is impossible for a person to follow all new trends, have common concepts in many areas, be equally good in all, and be called web specialists.

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