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When you should determine the price for a task?

Every customer wants to pay the lowest price possible to the web freelancer working on his web project jobs.

Every web freelancer wants to sell their work for the highest price possible.

This is how things are. Nobody wants to work for less and that's completely necessary.

But there's one big problem here!

In most cases, the client is not fully aware of what the work process itself will eventually involve and how complicated the accomplishment of the web-based  job will be.

In WEB Freelance, the determination of the approximate price and work-duration by the freelancer publishing an offer is recommended but not required.

The client must present as detailed information as possible to receive a realistic predetermined price for his  job.

Of course, this information will not always be enough for determining the actual price beforehand.

The approximate price will probably be higher because everyone would be reinsured against any minor changes with the web job's initial conditions.

The determination of the web freelancer's price depends on:

  • his experience in performing similar web-based jobs;
  • the ability to meet all requirements;
  • his speed of work;
  • his knowledge;
  • the time assigned for the specific web-based job;
  • the working hours per day;
  • whether a single web freelancer or a team is working on the web-based job.

Often, during the explanation of the web project's details the client makes some changes in the assignment.

The freelancer's price should be determined after all of the details are made clear.

The approximate price could be decreased or increased, depending on the specified changes made after negotiating.

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