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How to improve communication between the client and freelancer?

One of the most common problems in web freelancing is the difficult communication between clients and web freelancers.

When the client has close to no technical knowledge, it is challenging for the web freelancer to determine whether he will be able to accomplish the web-based job and estimate a price for his work.

Until the first negotiation of the web freelance job's details starts, there are many questions that need to receive answers.

Of course the client doesn't have to possess any technical knowledge about the web job, as it often happens. But, he can always provide as many examples as possible.

Nowadays, with little to no effort, each customer can provide an unlimited number of examples from the Internet.

If you have a little computer literacy, you can make several sketches through one of the thousands of free sketching programs out there.

What solutions does Web Freelance platform offer?

The platform guides the client in publishing a detailed web freelance job description by filling out pre-created forms for different types of web tasks. He does not need to be familiar with the complex technical concepts to publish an informative job and eventually find the most suitable freelancer for it.

The entered and selected data creates a short technical web freelance job. This job helps the freelancer get familiar with the future commitment in more detail and make his initial choice whether he is suitable for its fulfillment or not.

By using  Web Freelance the work's preliminary questions are significantly reduced.

However, the freelancer could ask the client additional questions about the web-based job published by him. The questions and their answers are visible to all other web freelancers. Thus the likelihood of asking the same questions is reduced.

If the client decides, he can edit his web project job at any time while it is still active.

Any answer or change to a web task, even if it seems insignificant, can change the conditions or the ability to perform by any freelancer. He can decide to edit his offer, even after he has already sent it to the client.

A web freelancer may no longer be competent enough to work on a job, after a change is made or an answer to a question is added. In case he has already sent his offer, he can refuse it, even after he has been chosen for the task's fulfillment. The used credits for sending the offer, will be restored almost immediately to the freelancer.

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