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Why shouldn't the approximate price be seen in the web freelancer's offer?

Every web freelancer wants to work on projects.

It often happens that the web freelancer who first publishes an offer is the one who sets the approximate price for the rest of the candidates.

Many freelancers tend to compromise on their price by offering the lowest amount than the other candidates for a web-based job. Thus, almost always is at the expense of the quality of service. The client will almost always receive lesser results than expected. Often, the client may choose non-competent freelancers only because they offer lower prices. And when several incompetent and inexperienced web freelancers apply for a task, the client may get misled about how much it should cost to get his web-based task done.

In WEB Freelance, the price that the freelancer will set for working on the tasks is not visible to other freelancers. This way, he will be free to offer his approximate price without comparing it with other candidates.

The client will receive a real approximate price for his task without any competition between the candidates on this part. The chance of compromise in the quality of the service will be drastically reduced.

The competition for lower prices is to the disadvantage of both the freelancer and the client.

So, the lower price will cause:

  • lower quality for the client;
  • unsatisfactory work for the web freelancer.

Tip 1: If the approximate price offered is not within the budget set by the client, then he should consider assigning the task at a later stage after the necessary amount is available than to look for a lower price. No self-respecting client will decide to pay for low-quality services. Doing so means that he will not achieve his goals and lose time and money instead.

Tip2: If the approximate price offered is not within the client's budget, he can try to break the web freelance job into several smaller tasks. Their accomplishment in phases can also be a solution.

Attention: When you should determine the price for a task?

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